Our Vision


To continue as a center of excellence in clinical ophthalmology & strive to learn, practice & share the richness of its new developments

Our Mission


To continue as a center of excellence in clinical ophthalmology & strive to learn, practice & share the richness of its new developments

  • Develop innovative, efficient, safe & cost effective services
  • Propagate 'Good eye care leads to better quality of life'
  • Have employment policies supporting quality staff
  • Be eco-friendly by conserving matter & energy
  • To understand that we exist because of our guests


Our Logo:










The logo stands for ‘Sun’ as source of every kind of energy, and we creatures on earth need to remember and offer salutations to Sun.

Every bit of energy that we own comes directly or indirectly from Sun. It is the ultimate in every sense.


"Thanno Aditya Prachodayath" is a part of powerful “Aditya Gayatri Manthra, of Navagraha Gayathri manthra”. Gayathri Manthra is a very powerful meditation to pray for the grace of God.


The Aditya gayatri mantra recites as

“Om Bhaskaraya Vidhmahe, Diva karaya Dheemahe, Thanno Aditya Prachodayath”

Meaning, Om, Let me meditate on the Sun God, Oh, maker of the day, give me higher intellect, and let Sun God illuminate my mind.

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Our Profile:


Since its humble beginning in 1980 in a small building, Karthik Netralaya has evolved into a world class modern tertiary eyecare hospital. Custom designed infrastructure, aesthetic ambiance, the service motto and professional commitment by a group of skilled specialists has made a dream come true. Excelling in multi speciality eye surgeries is their unique contribution, which brings unprecedented safety & success to the surgeries, even in highly challenging situations.


Sharing each new-found knowledge & experience has remained an obsession. Karthik Netralaya was incorporated as a private limited company in 2005 and is functioning now from its own spacious centrally located building in Bangalore.


Physically challenged will have no hurdles as all the facilities at Karthik Netralaya are disability compatible. Administration & clinical departments are extensively computerised to improve efficiency and to save paper. The ecofriendly facility is meticulously planned, designed & maintained to minimise any wastage, especially the electricity & water. Natural energies are harnessed maximally. Solar panels, rain water harvesting, focal air-conditioning, power saving lighting, recycling protocols, avoidance of Lead, Formaldehyde & Asbestos, BIS Eco-mark & Euro-1 low Formaldehyde emission certification, "toxin check technology", minimising transportation of men & material etc. are some of its 'Green earth friendly' features. Use of hazardous chemicals is minimised. Medical as well as general waste disposal is scientific. Water purifying plant ensures safety.


Karthik Netralaya firmly believes that cleanliness is next only to God. It is now proud to be accredited with NABH, the highest quality compliance of our country. Karthik Netralaya is privileged to serve you, and certainly look forward to serve your friends and relatives.


Anything in eye care!

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89, 7th cross, N R Colony, Near Bull temple,

Bengaluru - 560050. India


Monday to Saturday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM; Sundays Holiday

  • Phone: (080)26674399, 26612444


  • Mob: +91-9886789799


  • E-mail: info@karthiknetralaya.com


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