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Myopia ( Short sightedness)

In Myopia or short sight, the image gets focused before the rays reach the retina. The eye is too long or its focusing power is too strong. Distance objects appear blurred.


Hyperopia (Long sightedness)

In Hypermetropia or far sight the image is not yet focused when the rays reach the retina. The eye is short or its focusing power is weak. Objects both at distance and near may be blurred in this condition.



In Astigmatism the irregularly shaped cornea make the image unclear. Parts of the image are focused at different levels.



Presbyopia occurs after 40 years due to aging process. Near objects are blurry. It occurs early in Hyperopes and later in Myopes.

A new hassle free world with the of LASIK…


What does LASIK rectify?

• Myopia (Short sight)

• Hyperopia (Long sight)

• Astigmatism

• Presbyopia (Chaleese)


The human eye performs better than a modern digital camera. The cornea and crystalline lens focus an object on the retina. The high resolution image is transmitted to the brain through the optic nerve by a stream of micro electrical pulses. Good eyesight depends on the integrity of all these structures and their functions. Some eyes cannot perfectly focus the image onto the retina due to variation in the length of the eye or shape of the cornea.


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LASIK stands of “Laser assisted in situ Keratomileuses”. Performed first in 1990 at United States, LASIK today offers one of the highest patient satisfaction rates among all medical procedures on the body!

LASIK uses Excimer LASER which is an extremely controlled, tiny and specialized beam of ultraviolet light. The computer controlled LASER beam reshapes the corneal curvature in a highly precise and predetermined pattern so that it can now focus the light properly on the Retina.

Am I a good candidate for LASIK?

Yes, if

• You are at least 18 years of age

• Have had no major change in glasses or contact lens prescription or corneal

curvatures for at least one year

• Are not pregnant or breast feeding

Other factors that could make you a poor candidate will be analyzed during your

LASIK work up.


How is LASIK performed?

In LASER vision correction, after surgical cleaning and draping, the eye is made numb with eye drops. A very thin flap is created on the front surface of the cornea using a Micro-Keratome or Femtosecond LASER. This thin flap is folded up and Excimer LASER is applied, to rectify the refractive error. The flap is then replaced back to its original position. So the surface remains unaffected, and gives maximum comfort during post LASER period.

In ASA (Advanced surface ablation) the Excimer LASER is applied on the surface of the cornea after removing its epithelium. As a flap is not raised, it is particularly ideal for thinner cornea, higher powers and to custom treat irregular corneas with high aberrations.


LASIK at Karthik Netralaya


Karthik Netralaya offers the entire range of modern LASER vision corrections. Wavefront

Optimized Treatment, PRK (Photo-refractive LASER Keratectomy), LASEK, EpiLASIK, ASA

(advanced surface ablation), FEMTO-second LASIK, PresbyLASIK, F-CAT (Oculyzer guided

treatment), PTK (Photo-therapeutic LASER Keratectomy) etc. are some of them. Specialized protocols for post Cataract surgery residual refractive errors, Angle Kappa customisation, post RK hyper-metropia, ASA & LASIK plus for forme frustae Keratoconus, post refractive surgery glare and starbursts etc are offered too. Your LASIK specialist will advise the best treatment that suits your eyes.



We use Allegetto Eye Blueline 400 ExcimerLASER with its extensive range, including Wavefront analyzer & Pentacam HR Oculyzer guided ablations. It is acknowledged to be the most advanced German made CE & US FDA certified LASER systems. With a Super high speed eye tracking rate of 400 HZ, this WaveLight’s LASER is one of the fastest. Eye tracker precisely directs the LASER beam to follow micro eye movements & neutralize them so as to assure high patient safety. This high speed Laser treatment minimizes stromal dehydration and offers precise results. The unique Gaussian beam wavefront profile ensures smoothest surface. The ablation thickness per diopter is the least amongst LASIK machines and allows maximum residual corneal thickness. We have the longest experience in using these advanced systems, and all this amounts to unprecedented safety, consistency & accuracy.


You have an option of either Amadeus 2 Microkeratome or FS-200 Femto LASER to create your perfect corneal flap. Microkeratome creates a slight Meniscus shaped flap while the Femto LASER creates a uniplanar flap with uniform thickness throughout. While the latter may be better due to its accurate predetermined thickness setting, both the techniques offer ultrathin flaps, allowing highest corneal preservation in those eyes with thin corneas or need high power corrections.


The Blade free FS-200 Femto LASER creates a uniplanar flap with uniform thickness throughout. It allows the surgeon to create a highly customized flap by adjusting its size, shape, cut angle and hinge to suite your ocular parameters. Complications like button hole and free flap are totally avoided by this advanced technology. The architecture of the flap improves the adhesion and reduces the chances of epithelial ingrowth

(Surface cells migrating under the flap).It creates ultrathin flaps which is essential for thin corneas and high powers.


All LASER procedures need no injections, have no pain, & needs no stitches or bandage. You will be very comfortable throughout the procedure.


Types of LASER vision corrections:


Wavefront optimized LASIK

The Allegreto Wavelight LASER first offered the modern Wavefront Optimization so as to minimize the changes that occur to the natural prolateness of the normal cornea. The spherical aberration is least affected and so glare, halos and degradation of night vision are maximally avoided.


Oculyzer guided Custom LASIK

Old Excimer LASERs use a broad beam with an aperture controlling the amount the beam diameter. Gaussian profile beam at high speed eliminates the disadvantages of broad beam LASER.


Presby LASIK

Every person becomes presbyopic and dependent on reading glasses at the age of around 40 years. PresbyLASIK is an excellent solution to decrease this dependency. The corneal surface is made multifocal by changing its asphericity, so that both far and near objects are focused on the retina. This can be combined with micro monovision for maximal benefit.


Pre LASIK assessment at Karthik Netralaya

Pre LASIK assessment is best done few days before your LASER procedure. This includes extensive analysis of your eyes to ensure if it is safe for you, and to plan the exact procedure. Pentacam HR, Oculus Keratography, Corneal and internal wavefront analysis by NIDEK OPD Scan, Refraction with and without cycloplegic drops, dilated Vitreo retinal examination, Dry eye evaluation, Pupillometry, Optical Axial length measurement etc are some of the tests performed, You will have blurry vision for about a day or 2. You may not be able to drive back home, so preferably bring someone along with you, which also helps you to take instructions.


Pentacam HR & Oculus Keratograph

at Karthik Netralaya

Fixing the surgery date

Fix up the date for LASIK and than go through blood tests, ECG, Physician’s check up, Pre LASIK assessment & counseling.. Bring all your old medical records and medicines you are taking. Tell us your past & present illnesses, surgeries & allergies


One day before refractive procedure

Do your routine work. Trim nails and remove nail polish. Avoid cosmetics on the face & eyes. Use eye drops and tablets as advised. Continue all your regular medications. -Wash your face with antiseptic soap for 5 minutes before sleeping. Use washed towel, bedspread and pillow cover.

On the day of LASIK procedure

  • Take head bath with shampoo and wash your face with antiseptic soap for 5 minutes.
  • Men could shave. Avoid cosmetics, hair oil & perfume. Use a sticker bindi instead of kumkum. Let jewelry be minimal.
  • Continue eye drops and tablets as advised.
  • Have your breakfast/lunch as usual before leaving home.
  • Bring your medical records, medicines, a clean washed towel and a set of washed and ironed loose fitting, front opening outer dress (avoid banian, T-shirts, tight dress) packed in a new plastic carry bag.
  • Bring a relative who attends to you at home. Avoid bringing children and many relatives and friends.
  • Inform if you have allergies to medicines or food (itching, rashes, nausea etc).
  • Visit the toilet, disinfect your feet and hands and change to your fresh dress just before entering LASIK OT.
  • Please maintain cleanliness, sanctity and silence. Keep your mobiles in silent mode.


Operation theaters at LASIK Center

The most sophisticated equipment are used in our bio-clean LASIK operation Theatre. Strict aseptic protocols are meticulously followed. Each surgery is completely isolated from others. High quality medicines, supplies and disposables are used.


During the surgery

LASIK procedure is totally painless and extremely quick. For this ‘Eye drops technique’ no injections are needed! Eye will be numbed by few eye drops. Please remain quiet & calm during surgery. Do not hesitate to talk to the Surgeon for any clarification, or if wish to move or cough. The eye tracker stops the LASER if you move your eyes and than restart once you are steady! You will be awake and extremely comfortable during the procedure. You may experience slight pressure over the eye and vision black outs during certain steps. Though actual LASER takes seconds to minutes per eye, you will be inside

the OT for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Soon after the LASIK procedure

  • You will walk & meet your relatives. Post-operative instructions will be given and your follow-up appointment will be scheduled.
  • Please clarify all your doubts. You can leave home after resting for about 30 minutes.
  • Don’t touch or rub the eyes. You would have watering, irritation, foreign body sensation & blurry vision for a day after LASIK and several days after ASA. Do not wipe eyes with tissue or cloth.
  • Wear 100% UV protective goggles all the time during the day and eye shields (for LASIK) at night for about a week. Use goggles for about 3 month when you go outdoors.
  • Use eye drops & tablets as advised. Learn the exact method of using eye drops. Take a pain relief tablet when needed.
  • There is no diet restriction. Pulses, fresh uncooked sprouts and vegetables are good.
  • You could take Tab. Vitamin C 500 mg one a day for few months.

From the next day onwards

  • Don’t splash water with eyes open! But you should wash your face with soap and water with your eyes

       closed from the next day after LASER vision correction. Gently dab the eyes with a clean washed towel. Don’t rub, press or massage the eyes!

  • You can Shampoo your hair. Hair can be oiled and dyed. Men can shave.
  • After LASIK, you could resume your daily activities (college, cooking, office work, walking, driving, reading, TV, computers, prayers, light yoga / physical activities etc.)
  • After ASA, you will need about 3 to 4 days of stay at home, as irritation, pricking, blurring, redness and watering will be there for about 3 days. Contact lenses will be removed after about 4 days.
  • Avoid playing with pets & children, strenuous physical work, contact sports, injuries, swimming, dust, wind and dental / ENT treatment for about a month.
  • You can see regular light but avoid seeing the sun directly. Avoid direct sunlight falling on your eyes for couple of months, especially after ASA. Avoid outdoor sports and high UV zones like beaches and hilltops for few months.
  • Stop smoking and using tobacco, it is bad for you, your family and the environment.

Can anything go wrong?

  • Extensive pre LASIK assessments are conducted to confirm that the procedure is safer for your eyes.
  • Rarely the visual recovery or correction of your errors may not be as expected. This may rarely be due to equipment or surgical non expectations or may be due todiseases like amblyopia, glaucoma, optic atrophy, retinal detachment, myopic macular & other retinal degenerations, past injuries, hereditary diseases, corneal scarring, healing insufficiencies etc. Report immediately if there is increased redness, watering, irritation, pain, swelling, blurring, floaters, flashes, intolerance to light, yellow discharge etc.
  • Every surgery has its risks. Inspite of an excellent set up, care, precision & experience,
  • deviations from usual recovery can occur during & after the LASER vision corrections. There could be delayed, insufficient or absent visual recovery or even a visual loss, temporary or permanent. Additional treatment or surgeries may be needed, although all these are extremely rare at Karthik Netralaya.
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Will LASER vision correction give me 6/6 vision?

The goal of any refractive surgery is to eliminate your dependence on glasses and contact lenses. If you have correctable 6/6 vision with your glasses or contacts, you certainly have the potential to achieve it with LASER vision correction.


How to preserve my cornea to the maximum possible extent?

Allegretto 400 HZ LaASIK is pioneered to offer Gaussian profile LASER beam. It is designed to offer high quality wavefront optimised treatment, preserving the corneal asphericity as close to normal as possible. The corneal ablation is least per given power when compared to its contemporaries.


Are the results permanent?

LASIK is definitely permanent and the powers eliminated will not come back! The effect of LASIK does not wear off. But it is important to realize that a person’s eye length and parameters can change internally. The procedure is therefore done after the major eye changes have occurred and the power remains stable for more than 1 year. LASIK is not recommended in children where the eye is still growing, or in adults in whom

the power is still changing. Rarely, the powers could change due to instability of the cornea (due to inherent reasons, pre existing Forme frustae Keratoconus or thinning induced by treatment) or continued growth of the eye length.


How long does the entire procedure take?

The actual LASER application takes just about 2 seconds per diopter of myopic correction! The whole procedure inside the OT takes just about 10 to 15 minutes per eye.


What is Monovision?

In monovision treatment, one eye is corrected for distance vision and the other eye is corrected for intermediate vision. This works extremely well for patients above 40 years who have presbyopia. This procedure can postpone usage of reading glasses by several years. A trial will be given to you in the OPD to see if you can opt for Monovision.


Is LASIK painful?

LASIK is performed under numbing eye drops. It is completely painless. Several measures are taken to make the entire experience comfortable for you!

Facts about LASER Vision correction


  • In one year, the average contact lens wearer spends nearly 60 hours wetting, soaking, rubbing, cleaning and otherwise maintaining his contacts!
  • Over the years, the cost of lenses, solutions and glasses becomes quite substantial, amounting to thousands of rupees
  • LASIK has proved to increase work productivity and work safety due to clearer vision (i.e. the elimination of glasses fogging up at critical times, constant eye irritation from excessive contact lense wear, or expanded field of vision due to more peripheral vision)
  • LASIK enhances professional abilities and expands career opportunities — especially in careers where excellent vision is paramount like police officers, firefighters, pilots etc
  • Today LASIK is the most common elective surgical procedure. More than 17 million people worldwide are enjoying crystal clear hassle free vision

For your kind attention, please!

Karthik Netralaya is acknowledged to be a state of the art Ophthalmic microsurgical daycare center. It is built with meticulous planning, care and dedication and continuously aims to achieve idealistic standards in eye care. Service, quality and innovation are the 3 facets incorporated into the fabric of our functioning.

• Skills and standards are constantly upgraded and also shared among professional colleagues, so that modern and safe technology is available to everyone.

• The tariffs are fixed, affordable and cost related.

• We remain eco friendly.

• There will always be a scope for improvement. Please share all your experiences & give us your valuable feedback.

• Do contribute your donations to ‘Netrajyothi Foundation’ and join us in serving those who cannot afford treatment. Please refer any person who needs eyecare, irrespective of their economic status.

• Please do not tip the staff individually. Many of them, whom you may not meet, work in the background to make your treatment safe and successful. If you do wish to reward them, please do contribute to the ‘Staff welfare fund’ and collect the receipt.

• Your understanding and cooperation are very important. We wish you a very successful eye surgery.


Testimonials by guests who have undergone LASIK Eye Surgery at Karthik Netralaya:

This is to personally thank Dr. M.S. Ravindra and the whole staff of Karthik Netralaya. Such great services were rendered from the time I enquired about the LASIK surgery till the post LASIK clarifications. All the staffs and the doctors were very clear and open towards any kind of doubts I had regarding LASIK. My thick glasses and lenses that I was using since past 16 years thwarted me from doing many things I wanted in life especially water sports! I use to swim with my lenses on and a big swim glass on top which use to be very uncomfortable. Now I am free from all these and have nothing to worry about the lenses, solutions and glasses. Also I don’t need to carry them everywhere I go! All thanks to Dr Ravindra and the staff of Karthik Netralaya once again. And to add to all this they have a very clean, well maintained premises and pleasant ambience. From my side the doctor and Karthik Netralaya is 100% recommended!!

- Deepa Jain, Dubai, UAE


I am Lakshmi and I work for IBM as senior software engineer. I tried to locate the best laser treatment in Bangalore and I got this reference from my CHN eye doctor. Upon further enquiry I found that most of my colleagues got LASIK done with the same clinic. I got my LASIK done at Karthik Netralaya, Bangalore in 2010. I was very much scared of the procedure before I approached them. The doctor was very very kind enough to explain me the procedure. His patience levels are very high and he made me very comfortable through-out the procedure. My overall experience with Karthik Netralaya is EXCELLENT.

Thank you doctor and your whole team!

- Lakshmi




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